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I build high-performance websites and eCommerce stores.

My name is Edward, but my friends call me Ed. I enjoy working with content or marketing teams and bespoke web design agencies.

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Preferred Technology

I love building Jamstack projects.


Picking a suitable CMS is very important, so I prefer StoryBlok and Prismic.


I build with tools I love. Here are my favorites: Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Vue, Gatsby, Next, Gridsome, Jekyll, and Git.


Regarding deployment, I trust services like Netlify, DigitalOcean, and Firebase.

I don't just build websites. I also help teams improve delivery workflow so content can get published faster and more often.

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About Me

The ocean inspired my journey to become a web developer.

Surf along the San Diego shore with surfers in the water and on the shore

I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming and surfing in the ocean. Surfing inspired me to get involved with digital media and web development. In my earlier days, I would spend hours filming surfers, editing shorts, and reading books on how to make websites and put videos online (pre-YouTube). Surfing would lead me down the path to a career as a front-end web developer.

I'm approaching two decades as a front-end web developer now. But, of course, a lot has changed since I started; for example, Flash is dead, and JavaScript is everywhere, even on the servers. Internet Explorer finally stopped trying, and Safari is now the worst browser ever. You can even access the internet from your watch. But, regardless of all the changes in trends and technology, my core values have never changed. Deliver high-quality websites and services to my clients on time and within the budget.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please look at my services if you are interested in working with me. Otherwise, check out some of my previous projects or a recent blog post.

- Ed Meehan

My work

Please take a look at my projects and blog posts.

Ed, Ali, and Leon

Ed Meehan is a freelance web developer living in San Diego, California, with his wife Ali, their son Leon, and dog Boo. He enjoys surfing, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and battle royal video games.

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