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If you prefer to call you can leave a voicemail at 1-858-876-8088, because of robo-calls I no longer answer unknown numbers.

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Freelance Front-End Developer

My name is Edward, but my friends call me Ed. I live in sunny San Diego, California, with my wife Ali and our dog Boo. I build and update websites for marketing teams, content teams, and bespoke web design agencies.

Available for freelance

Shopify E-Commerce & Jamstack Development

A new project or client is getting everyone excited around the office. Or maybe your websites need to be updated with the latest product launch coming out next quarter. The designs look amazing, but your development team is resourced, or worse yet, you don't have a development team. Sound familiar?

I am an independent freelance developer with over sixteen years of experience helping small to medium-sized companies get their message online. I work with web designers, project managers, system architects, marketers, and other developers to get the work done and goals met. I launch projects on budget and on time.

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Jamstack Development

I build lighting fast websites and pages using JavaScript, HTML, and responsive CSS. I use tools like Gatsby with React and Gridsome with Vue. I also work with headless CMS tools like StoryBlok or Prismic.

Shopify Theme Development

I can custom build a theme using Liquid or build a Jamstack store using Shopify's APIs and a headless CMS.

Google Analytics Consulting

I can set up and fix standard tracking and reporting so your team has the data to make impactful decisions.

Google PageSpeed Consulting

I can help your team identify issues related to Core Web Vitals, essential metrics related to SEO performance.

CRO Consulting

I can introduce your team to tools and techniques that can help improve conversion goals for paid and organic traffic.

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Ed Meehan is a freelance front-end developer from San Diego, California. He enjoys using React while building Jamstack websites and Shopify e-commerce stores. When not working, he enjoys surfing, no-gi jiu-jitsu, boxing, and battle royal video games.

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