My Pricing

Tiered options to meet your business needs

With my tiered pricing structure, you can choose exactly the level of support your business requires. From foundational insights to director-level tech guidance, I expertly combine strategy, creativity, and technical prowess to unlock your brand's full potential.

Checkout my project-based pricing

  • đŸĒ´

    Unlock Exceptional Service,
    Zero Commitment Required.

    *No monthly retainer

    Hourly rate of just $135/hour.

    Limited communication:
    • Stay in touch through email only, chat and project managment software not avalible
    Responsive to your needs:
    • New requests answered within 2 business days

    *To ensure a smooth partnership, new clients without a history of on-time payments or references may be asked for a retainer payment.

  • 4 spots left

    Basic Needs Covered,
    Without the Big Spend.

    What you'll get each month:

    4 hours of focused development work
    1 hour of strategic meetings

    Additional hourly rate of just $120/hour.

    Communication options:
    • Stay in touch through email
    • Instant chat communication via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc.
    Responsive to your needs:
    • New requests response within 24 hours
  • 2 spots left

    Director-Level Tech Expertise,
    Without the Full-Time Overhead.

    What you'll get each month:

    45 hours of focused development work
    5 hours of strategic meetings

    Additional hourly rate of just $115/hour.

    Unlimited communication:
    • Stay in touch through email
    • Instant chat communication via Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, etc.
    • Integration with your preferred project management software
    Responsive to your needs:
    • New requests response same business day
    Exclusive white label option

    Available to agencies for white-label development, ask me about this option.

A Quick Guide

Which option is right for your business?

  • Why Pick Kickstart?
    Occasional Support, Full-Time Peace of Mind

    Ideal for small, bootstrapped online businesses needing occasional professional assistance. This is a no-strings-attached introduction to my services, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

    📆 Seasonal Adjustments: Perfect for businesses with seasonal peaks. Invest in web support only during high season and save during quieter times.

    🧩 Project-Based Endeavors: Tailored for intermittent projects requiring expert web development support precisely when you need it.

    đŸĒ´ Growing Pains: Acts as a safety net, offering on-demand web expertise to navigate early-stage challenges smoothly.

  • Why Pick Fundamental?
    Your Reliable Web Wingman

    For businesses reliant on their online presence, this tier offers dedicated support for maintenance and timely bug fixes, acting as the backbone of your digital operations.

    🛍ī¸ E-Commerce Expansion: Support for online boutiques to flourish with expert maintenance and growth strategy advice.

    ❤ī¸ Non-Profit Online Engagement: Enhances non-profits' digital impact with continuous site upkeep and strategic digital advice.

    👩đŸģ‍đŸ’ģ Freelancer's Digital Presence: Ensures freelancers' portfolios remain polished and up-to-date, reflecting their evolving skills and projects.

  • Why Pick Strategic?
    The Web Vanguard Plan

    For businesses managing ongoing, sophisticated web projects, this tier provides a dedicated Web Master to guide your digital strategy and execution.

    🕹ī¸ Content-Rich Media Site: Captivates audiences with dynamic content and innovative features, ensuring your site always performs its best.

    🎓 Online Education Platform Expansion: Transforms learning experiences with cutting-edge tools, making education more engaging and accessible.

    🎸 Event Management Platform Scalability: Delivers strategic enhancements and features, guaranteeing exceptional experiences as your user base grows.

Megan Lowe

Director of Digital Design and Development
Sun Bum LLC
photo of Megan Lowe

It's been a great experience working with Ed! He has excellent attention to detail and I rarely have feedback when he delivers updates. I value his advice and feedback as we work through problems and I have full trust in his abilities to get work done efficiently and correctly.

Project Pricing

Tailored solutions for fixed-budget projects

Request Project Consultation
  • 🔮 Tracking

    Starting price: $1,800

    Integration and customization of Google Tag Manager and Analytics to streamline your data collection and improve decision-making.

    • Campaign Tracking: Gain precise insights into how your marketing channels perform with robust campaign tracking and third-party pixel integration.
    • Custom Event Tracking: Specialized attention for eCommerce and app tracking to ensure accurate data capture and analytics.
    • Tag Manager Integration: Tailored site integration with your tag manager, enabling your team to effortlessly implement and manage tracking pixels.
  • 🚀 Website

    Starting price: $6,000

    From brochure-style sites to content blogs and more, my website solutions are custom built to your needs.

    • Tailored CMS Solutions: We select the optimal CMS platform, to ensure your site is not only fast but also easy to manage and scale.
    • Built for Marketing: Equipped with essential marketing tools, to streamline your digital marketing efforts right from the start.
    • Lightning-Fast Performance: Experience enhanced SEO and user engagement with websites optimized for blazing-fast loading times.
  • 🛍ī¸ Shopify

    Starting price: $10,000

    Expert Shopify solutions designed to deliver outstanding performance and unique shopping experiences.

    • Shopify Apps: Carefully select and integrate the perfect apps for your business, tailoring each to fit seamlessly with your operations and enhance functionality.
    • Customized Theme: Not just integration, but complete customization of your Shopify theme to align perfectly with your brand identity and customer needs.
    • Theme Performance: Optimize your Shopify theme to ensure it enhances user experience and boosts SEO, effectively working for you to achieve your goals.