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Data-driven insights through custom tracking in Google Analytics to inform your marketing strategy

Marketing without data to support your efforts is like shooting in the dark. Without the ability to understand and analyze the data, you may be throwing your resources away. Data-driven insights are essential for informed and effective marketing.

With my strong background in marketing analytics strategy, I have a demonstrated ability to effectively plan, set up, and manage Analytics for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

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Service Options

How can I help you improve your data-driven marketing strategy?

  • Website

    Starting price: $2,500 USD

    Set up pageview tracking and custom events for conversion and goal tracking.

    • The current website is not set up with GA4 tracking.
    • You are launching a new website that needs tracking.
  • eCommerce

    Starting price: $5,000 USD

    Website custom tracking plus product, cart, and checkout tracking.

    • You need to improve campaign, channel, and attribution reports.
    • You are launching a new store that needs tracking.
  • Project

    $125 USD per hour.

    Already have Google Analytics setup and need some assistance?

    • Tracking strategy.
    • Tracking setup review and recommendations.
    • Team training.

Client stories

These individuals can speak to my work ethic, professionalism, and ability to deliver high-quality results consistently.

  • Ziv Navoth
    Touchcast | Chief Revenue Officer
    Photo of Ziv Navoth

    Ed’s knowledge and experience with analytics and conversion tracking have been a great resource for our team. He is consistent, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? I have answered some common questions here. Don't see an answer to your question? Ask me here.

Do you use Google Tag Manager?

Yes. I have extensive knowledge and expertise in setting up tracking on websites of all sizes, including high-traffic sites, with GTM. I am highly proficient in using GTM and utilizing the data layer in websites and apps to implement custom tracking solutions.

Do you set up GA4 tracking?

Yes. I can setup new tracking based on your older UA setup, or I can start from scratch by building a new tracking strategy.

Are you a data analyst?

Yes, and No. I am a marketing analytics strategist, my expertise is in tracking strategies and implementing them. As a data analyst, my skills are primarily focused on conversion metrics, attribution, and traffic channels. For more in-depth analysis of data sets outside of Google Analytics, I refer to my network of Business Intelligence experts and data scientists.

Do you use Tableau?

No. That is a tool I personally don't have much experience with, but refer to my network of Business Intelligence experts and data scientists.

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The Meehan family, Ali, Edward, and Leon.

Ed Meehan is a freelance web developer living in San Diego, California, with his wife Ali, their son Leon, and dog Boo. He enjoys surfing, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and battle royal video games.

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