New blog launch day

September 8, 2020 | 1.5 min read
Multiple balloons in different colors, pineapples wearing party hats, and sunglasses.

Front-end developer topics.

Why do I suddenly feel the need to start blogging? I have blogged in the past. Check out on WayBackMachine. But my old blog posts were a mix of personal and work-related topics. I no longer care to blog about my personal life, and I also have Instagram. However, I do care about my career; after all, it’s how I pay my bills and go on vacation. I am a front-end developer, my job is to build the code that the web browser uses to display a blog. And I search the internet daily for tips and tricks to do my job, most of these searches land me on a blog. Since I have been consuming so much blog content, it seems fair that I start contributing to it.

Keep it simple, short.

When I am searching for information online, I often feel that most of the results are crap. When I find a page or post with what I am looking for, the info is often buried. Because of this, I will do my best to keep blog post topics short and to the point.

Video for clarity.

I got my start in web development because of my desire to become a videographer. I earned my AS degree in digital media and then ended up in web development. I really enjoy finding little how-to or demo videos on various web development topics. I also want to use video to support some of my blog posts.

Thanks for reading.

Hey, you read my first blog post. I know there was not much substance to it. But please come back soon and share this with others.