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Elevating Freak Athlete: A Shopify Rebrand Success Story

March 2024 | 1.5 min read
  • Shopify
A motivated female athlete in activewear performing a walking lunge in a gritty, industrial-style gym. The atmosphere conveys determination and strength, emphasized by the 'FREAK ATHLETE' logo overlay in bold orange, suggesting a brand that champions intense workouts and formidable athletic performance.

By sheer coincidence, my quest for new challenges led me to Cody Brown’s LinkedIn post seeking a Shopify expert for a new project. Cody introduced me to Freak Athlete, a brand with a mission that resonated deeply with me. As I was undergoing physical therapy for back issues caused by desk work, the chance to collaborate with a home gym brand dedicated to easing pain and improving muscle health struck a personal and professional chord.

“Our mission is not just about creating workout equipment, it’s about empowering individuals to overcome obstacles, break through limits, and redefine what’s possible.”
- Freak Athlete Mission Statement

In a bold move to redefine its digital presence, Freak Athlete embarked on a rebranding journey, aiming to revamp its e-commerce store ahead of an eagerly anticipated product launch. With Cody now helming as their Design Director, the mission was to craft a distinctive brand identity and enrich the marketing channels with engaging high-quality media.

The Challenge

Screenshot of the Freak Athlete website before the rebrand launch

The original theme had a mix of visual styles and colors.

Freak Athlete’s Shopify e-commerce platform was a patchwork of individual apps for page publishing, each operating in isolation without a unified design language. The inconsistent design across the platform meant that each new page appeared disconnected, undermining the brand’s coherence. With the launch deadline looming, the team was challenged to consolidate the brand’s digital footprint within an ambitious eight-week timeframe.

The Strategy

Embracing the capabilities of Shopify Theme 2.0 emerged as the linchpin of the rebranding strategy. Adopting a theme with extensive, customizable sections enabled swift and cohesive page development, aligning every new addition with the brand’s identity. Opting for a pre-built theme provided a dual advantage: it expedited the development process and facilitated a seamless adaptation to the brand’s new visual narrative.

The Outcome

Screenshot of the Freak Athlete website after the rebrand launch

The new theme leveraged more images and videos with a uniform visual style.

The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. Freak Athlete’s Shopify store was rejuvenated and relaunched in just eight weeks.

“Ed took on an ambitious project, a full website rebuild for, and managed to keep us on track with an 8 week delivery. He is simply the best developer I have ever worked with.”
- Benji Stark-Elster - CEO / Founder

The unveiling of the new product was met with unprecedented enthusiasm, setting a new Revenue per Session (RPS) record the first week of launch. This achievement underscored the effectiveness of the newly introduced theme in providing a consistent, brand-aligned online experience.


The project’s success has provided the Freak Athlete team with a dynamic, efficient tool for future content publication, ensuring the new brand identity remains at the forefront of all e-commerce interactions. This case study showcases the potential of Shopify Theme 2.0 and serves as a testament to the power of strategic rebranding with the Shopify e-commerce platform.